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Acquisitions and Consultancies

Avia’s involvement in any acquisition of a new or used aircraft ideally begins contemporaneous with the client’s initial curiosity. Of course, Avia can easily enter the process at a later stage. A professional analysis of the budget, the justification, the mission, and a determination of which aircraft meet that mission, is a recommendable first step. Avia is experienced in the authorship of such studies… and the creation of materials appropriate for presentation to management, directors, investors and lending institutions.

Avia's new aircraft acquisition team is well practiced, having completed new jet purchase transactions totaling in the billions of dollars.

An example of the normal progression of events in a pre-owned aircraft acquisition is provided in the following pages. Also included is a graphic overview of the typical workflow associated with a pre-owned corporate jet refit. It illustrates the complexity of such projects… and in turn, hints at why Avia management and design services for refits and new aircraft completions are so beneficial to the client. Avia is an available consultant experienced in the following:

Consultancies Available

  • new aircraft purchase negotiations with the manufacturer;
  • used aircraft worldwide searches and negotiations;
  • present and future value comparisons;
  • lease and traditional financing;
  • imports and exports;
  • design;
  • green aircraft production;
  • green aircraft acceptance;
  • completion/refurbishment;
  • flight department set-up;
  • flight department management;
  • Part 135 set-ups;
  • Part 135 marketing and management;
  • airline set-up;
  • appraisals and resales.

    Aircraft Acquisition Consultancy
    Functions and Capabilities List

    1. Budget analysis, justification
    2. Mission analysis
    3. Candidate aircraft types comparative
    4. Aircraft type recommendation plus alternative
    5. Outside services recommendations: financing, leasing, legal, insurance, escrow, etc.
    6. Market survey of recommendable aircraft
    7. Prioritized listing of the best candidate serial numbers (in terms of "ask price/value")
    8. Negotiations on the best five serial numbers
    9. Reprioritized listing of the best three candidates (based on “take price/value” and cost of improvements     that are required to meet the new owner’s standards)
    10. Authorship of documentation: offer sheet, pre-purchase inspection, escrow, sales contract, lease     contract, delivery receipt, etc.
    11. Survey of sites for: PPI, interior, paint, mechanical and avionics improvements
    12. Final negotiations on selected aircraft
    13. Oversight of pre-purchase inspection
    14. Authorship of acceptance, re-negotiation, or move to a second candidate
    15. Negotiation of: PPI remedies, interior, paint, mechanical and avionics improvements
    16. Oversight and documentation of the closing
    17. Design of interior and paintwork improvements
    18. Oversight of all improvements, build-out of the interior, etc.
    19. Oversight of ground test procedures, test flight, documentation of mods and refit work
    20. Organization and delivery of all references, spares, subscriptions, logs, etc.
    21. Placement of the aircraft into service
    22. Creation of a final report of all project details for management and ownership

    To view the Refit Calendar click on the link below:

    Refit Calendar



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