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Production Oversight

In the event that a client requires a brand new aircraft tailored to their exact operational needs, Avia is available to fully negotiate the acquisition with the manufacturer, provide its advice on the aircraft specification and to oversee the original production process. Avia's negotiating team has conducted new aircraft acquisitions measured in the billions of dollars.

Avia is uniquely prepared for green production oversight projects, having one key team member with more than twenty years in OEM production management and allied functions. We are experienced in all aspects of green production, including: AD, SB and advisory processes; modifications; the “infant mortality” rate of brand new parts; the protection of clients interests; and the analysis of, documentation of, and the remedy of, minor and major production damage and anomalies. Avia is also experienced in the monitoring of: fuel calibration; flight control rigging; entrance door rigging; cabin pressure testing; hydraulic and avionic function testing; and other production protocol.

Green Acceptance

When the aircraft comes off the initial production line, it is awarded its Certificate of Airworthiness. It is then offered to the customer for acceptance in its “Green” state (without interior, paint or optional equipment).

This is a key time in construction and financial terms. Significant final testing, including: tolerance checks; steps and gaps measurement; engine performance runs; and other function tests are worked off under Avia supervision. If all the issues are nominal or appropriate to carry forward as “green snags,” then the Purchaser funds the balance due. When the manufacturer also contracts to do the completion work, this date may be the benchmark for any negotiated penalty clause calculations.

The aircraft is then prepared for repositioning to, and induction into, the completion center. Contemporaneously, Avia confirms and monitors the completion center’s readiness to start work immediately upon the arrival of the aircraft.


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