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Originally, cabinetry occupied the entire space outboard of the basin, between a metal countertop and the overhead. Primitive and confining, the cabinetry was replaced by a halo of indirect lighting and the concave panel conformal to the pressure vessel. These parts were a well-priced alternative, sourced from the manufacturer’s standard production.

Avia designed the banjo-shaped counter-top and correspondingly contoured cabinet assembly, its down-wash lighting and the black inlay lower border...the black inlay is a minor but robust theme that is repeated in the cabin. The counter-top is handcrafted as one piece that integrates a gracefully sculptured splash guard.

Note that in this photo the camera flash caused the falsely intensified
presence of the embedded reflective elements in the counter-top. Under
normal cabin lighting the counter-top matrix appears to be much more
subtle and understated...almost uniformly black in color, featuring a
little extra interest...and it works well with the qualities of the adjacent wood grain. Thus it avoids the faux pas of two strong, juxtaposed
patterns, which can conflict, appear cluttered and reduce spaciousness -
the antithesis of insightful aircraft design.

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