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The refit of an aircraft differs from the completion of a new jet. In general, a refit involves fewer issues, demands less down time and fewer dollars. Nevertheless, the success of either type of project is dependent on quality design, quality materials selection, and quality craftsmanship. This is achievable through sustained oversight, by knowledgeable representatives.

Avia has become comfortable with all aspects of the refurbishment process during the last three decades. For our own account or that of clients, we have experience with most major manufacturer’s models. Our practice is to oversee one hundred percent of the refit process and to contribute solutions and improvements on a daily basis. We work directly with each craftsman on the shop floor... applauding their successes, privately conferring about any shortcomings.

Because a well selected fan jet aircraft has a buoyant future value and is approximately “eternally regenerative,” it is a good candidate for multiple cosmetic, avionic and mechanical refurbishments during its service life. Avia has been involved in a multitude of such projects. Some have included the retrofit of fan jet engines on turbo jet powered aircraft... and the creation of Gulfstream II B business jets by the replacement of the existent wings with those of the G III.

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