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The policy of Avia's design and completion team is to provide uninterrupted on-site management for each of our completion projects. Design and engineering problems that emerge during build-out are time perishable opportunities to improve the aircraft. Design solutions can not be left to shop floor mechanics. Construction finesse, compliance with contracts, compliance with guarantee's, maintenance access issues, production damage repair and its documentation, can not be left to the judgment of the completion center managers... who may be under pressure to cut costs, often at the owner’s expense. Nor can an owner expect to detect all the completion discrepancies, appraise and remedy them in a timely manner, if he waits until the final delivery ‘turn-to-customer’ date to send his people to inspect the aircraft.

While some completion centers may dream of windfalls such as an owner conducting a multi-million dollar completion without his own on site advocates... it clearly would not be in any owner's intelligent self interest.

Quality control can not be assured without consistent oversight by knowledgeable representatives who can inspire each craftsman to produce his or her highest quality and level of effort.Also,consistent oversight strengthens Avia as negotiators for our clients if any settlements are justified.


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