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The galley is located aft of the forward lav and optional closet. It is designed for full service international operations. Avia Design Group worked the entire supply of burl wood veneers, freshly cut from the log, with the “face team” of the preeminent supplier, Carl F. Booth and Co. Each leaf was assigned to its optimal cabin location. We were able to complete the entire 100 inch galley front with every veneer joint being located at a drawer or door edge… no seam exists.

Thorough oversight of the galley and lav plumbing and wiring build-up was required. Maintenance access, space demands, power loads and the function of all subsystems required verification. Interiors of this category have more in common with custom ‘ one-off ’ yachts than with any assembly line product.

Opposite the galley is the crew rest seat. Between them is the passageway to the cabin. This vestibule is typically the most confining area in a Global Express, Gulfstream or Falcon aircraft. This site can be particularly crowded when boarding the owners’ party in bad weather. Avia targeted this area as a key location that could be radically improved by quality design. The result is the most open entry area of any Global Express completed to date… and stands in dramatic contrast to the majority of all business jets.

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