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Avia Design Group specified that Bombardier’s standard credenza height be elevated to that of the sidewall armrest… we also added a cushion to the top of the credenza annex. This created the appearance of a more elegant single elevation sidewall architecture, in contrast to the complicated three-level standard design.

Avia works every surface, color, texture, finish, material, dimension,function and weight consideration. Nevertheless, our general approach is to make as few changes as possible from a completion center’s standard cabinetry offerings. This saves our client dollars and reduces delays.

The Avia team’s production management experience can help (and challenge) the completion center’s assessments of manpower requirements, manpower effectiveness, and schedule validity. Tardy problem discovery can make corrective action unnecessarily punitive or impossible. By being available daily we can anticipate problems, contribute timely solutions and make decisions that save time and money for the completion center and our clients. This approach keeps our customer’s equipment moving through completion, while others experience delays. As asset values range upward toward fifty million dollars, a late delivery is measured in terms of cost-of-capital as well as missed trips.

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